Karen Frances Medium

After a session with Karen
you will have no doubt that
life is eternal and that
we are never alone.
~ Margo, Ireland

International accredited medium Karen Frances has a genuine desire to provide comfort and solace in your time of need. Mediumistic since birth and a long-standing Buddhist practitioner, she blends compassion and loving kindness with ethical mediumship to bring you messages of joy and uplifment from your loved ones in spirit, she listens to the voice of your soul to provide guidance in this life, and channels spiritual healing to body, mind and spirit.

Karen has spent many years honing her mediumistic abilities and holds three Certificates of Recognition from the Spiritualist National Union, governing body of London's world-renowned Arthur Findlay College where she studied.

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Karen Frances McCarthy MA CSNU
Medium, Author & Public Speaker

34 West 28th St, 3rd Flr, New York, NY 10001
+1 (646) 926 4355 NYC
+353 (1) 254 4614 Dublin